On August 1845 Woodside Cemetery opened to the public. Where now lie the famous, the brave and the unknown. Long laid to rest in the heart of Paisley's west end, Scotland. “I might add, Woodside’s not but a stones throw away from where I live and a nice walk at that.”
Buried on the hill top off Woodside grave yard, we have the world famous bridge builder, Sir William Arrol born in Houston in 1839. Known for building the Forth Rail Bridge, The Tay Bridge and the world famous tourist attraction, Tower Bridge in London. The home of Kings, to which have shown little mercy over the centuries to many a brave Scot soul.
Souls like James Algie & John Park were hanged at Paisley cross 1685 Scotland.

For refusing to swear an oath, renouncing the Covenant and accepting the King's supremacy in all civil and religious matters.

Only to have Gallow green, salt rub into their wounds.
When they where left to rot in common ground.

Gallowgreen being a place known for
witch trial
and hangings.
In what’s nothing more than,
an ugly part of our local history."

Yet people power saw James Algie &
John Park, being re-interred into.
Martyrs' Parish Church. Where a moment
was placed in 1835 to their honours.

Patrick Brewster the Paisley Abby Reverend proves Scotland’s fairness for all races. With his involvement in Emancipation & Civil rights struggle. A movement endured by many and even now Pats, support mirrors modern day Scotland. With it’s 300 year dispute to be free an independent. You know, the one where Pat championed the abolition of slavery.

Not bad for one of scotland's millions.
Shackled, registered & sold on as assets.
that later became contracts.

So before we where born we where already in debt

But no more cried the tinny unheard voice
that needed to be heard. "hello is anyone listening.

but like the billion web pages up dates, masterpiece
and deletion pages. This one would resonate low
when its thunder roared. buildings shakes.

James Fillans
Loom weaver James Fillans, turned his hand too many things. Till sculpture became his passion and our remembrance to his genius.
His passion ultimately rewards those of you who care to look beyond your own horizons. Like the beauty perched on top of his monument (1880)”.

Over looking Woodside & further beyond Ferguslie park, long developed beyond all recognition. Woodside & Ferguslie Park are divided by the west rail track, that runs into Paisley Gilmour street station. Then off too Glasgow where other sculptures of Fallans can be found at necropolis. Horizons whichsaw James erecting a statue17 foot tall to Sir James Shaw.

Once Lord Mayor of London, remembered by the people of Kilmarnock.
Immortalises by the artist come poet James Fillans .Funny Fillan being
a minor poet.What would he make of this modern daypc wave editor program

.Used to record and edit.Just to get to the prise underneath the surface.

(Whit wizzit a gane dccut mp3 poem) Read
and written by George McGrath. Edited by dddoc

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